Saturday, May 1, 2010

Welcome!! :)

Hi my name is Shannon Graham. I was born with Cystic Fibrosis. It's a chronic lung disease that affects the lungs and digestive system. I take daily nebulizers to help me loosen up mucus from my lungs. I have a mechanical vest that does my chest physio that also loosens my mucus so I can try to cough it out my lungs. I take enzymes to help me digest my food. I take daily antibiotics to keep me from getting infections. I am currently on oxygen continously. I have been on oxygen my whole life but just at night time. I have been on and off oxygen continous since sept. 05. I am on 2 litters when at rest and 5 litters when exercising. I was diagnosed with Diabeties at the age of 9. I take insulin 4 times a day.

I recently went for an evaluation for a double lung transplant. It was a week process. There was tons if tests and consultations. There was alot of information to process in a week. It was mentally and physically exhausting. When I met with the transplant coordinator she said that she would get back to me and my family about their decision to see if I made it on the transplant list or not. My family and I waited about 3 weeks before the transplant coordinator called me back to say if I had made it on the list or not. I have not made it on the transplant list..yet. I am not sick enough for transplant the coordinator said. I am not active enough and I also currently have blood clot near my right side of my heart. ( Thanks to a pic line I had inserted in Jan. ) I am taking a drug called Coumadin (Warfarin as its also called ) to help clear up this blood clot. I have my blood tested every two weeks to make sure my Coumadin levels are stablized. I will admit i will be glad when I dont have to have my blood drawn every 2 weeks. It hurts like hell. Until my blood clot goes away I must continue taking my Coumadin and getting my blood work done every 2 weeks. The dr said it could take months to desolve.

I exercise daily to keep my lungs in good shape. I am hoping to come off my oxygen during the day. I'm going to back to school full or part time in Sept to finish my last semester!!! I can not wait until grad!! It's a day ive been waiting for a long time. I recently got my G1 licence to go and get out of the house more. To meet people and join an exercise gym at the YMCA!! I start Drivers Ed May 18th!! Thats all to report today have a good day. Hope ive educated you all.

Shan xoxo